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The executive group is the steering group for the AUDE organisation. They meet four times a year and host an annual conference around Easter time. The regional chairs host local networking meetings shortly after the executive meetings for all directors in their area. Read more about the remit of the AUDE chair and other exec roles. They are always keen to hear from members who have good ideas for speakers or sessions at regional meetings and at conferences. We encourage sharing of information, contacts and good practice so please get in touch.

AUDE executive committee meeting minutes

8th March 2018

7th December 2017

14th September 2017

21st June 2017

9th March 2017

8th December 2016


AUDE AGM minutes                                

9 April 2018

10 April 2017

4 April 2016

30 March 2015

14 April 2014

25 March 2013

2 April 2012



Keith Lilley - Director of Estates, Facilities Management & I.T. (University of Sheffield)

Keith Lilley


Chair Elect

Craig Nowell - Director of Campus Infrastructure and Operational Support Services (University of Exeter)


Past Chair

Mike Clark - Director of Estate & Facilities Management (University of Brighton)





Umesh Desai - Director of Estates & Commercial Services (De Montfort University) 

Umesh Desai, AUDE Secretary



Andrew Burgess - Director of Infrastructure and Commercial Services (Loughborough University)

Andrew Burgess


North East

Damon Kent - Director of Campus Services (Northumbria University)


North West

Syd Cottle - Director of Estates Management (University of Liverpool)


East Midlands

Sandy Lynam - Director of Estates and Facilities Services (Anglia Ruskin University) 


West Midlands

Philip Butters - Director of Estates & Development (Keele University)


London & South East

Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr (interim) - Director of Property and Facilities Management (University of London)


South West

Fiona BellDirector of Estates and Campus Services (University of Portsmouth)




Colin McNally - Director of Estates (University of Stirling)



Vacant - view the role and application details >


Sustainability Advisory Group

Stephen Wells - Interim Director of Major Projects (University College London)
Stephen Wells



Chair of Conference Steering Group

Diana Hampson - Director of Estates & Facilities (University of Manchester)



Chair of Learning and Development Group

Colin BlairDirector of Estates and Facilities (University of Huddersfield)



EMR Lead and Communications Officer

Sue Holmes - Director of Estates and Facilities Management (Oxford Brookes University)

Sue Holmes



Capital Group

Ken Kinsella - Director of Capital Development (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Residential for aspiring estates directors:

Summer School 2018