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AUDE Summer School – does it work?

At AUDE we’ve been polishing the Summer School programme for nearly five years now. We want Summer School to be an intensive residential programme that helps future directors of estates across a wide range of issues, some technical, some managerial and behavioural. And so we have asked recent delegates Jack Hunter and Wayne Jones about their experience. Put simply, does Summer School work?

Jack Hunter’s experience

Wayne Jones's experience

Ahead of Summer School 2022 at the University of Glasgow we spoke to Wayne Jones, Head of Estates Management at Bangor University, to guide us through his Summer School experience.

Wayne explained. “I came away from the AUDE Summer School feeling more comfortable and confident in my own capabilities. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a ‘Summer School’ but I really enjoyed the content - it looked well beyond the infrastructure side of estates and facilities. There was so much more in terms of the student experience and the holistic impact estates and facilities has across all elements of the university community. In fact, I’ve recommended two of my colleagues attend the next Summer School as I know they would also benefit massively from that aspect. 

"Listening to the different speakers, a lot of them Directors of Estates, it become a lot clearer how wide ranging that role is and for my own institution in Bangor, how critical the civic role our university has within the local community. I’ve got a new appreciation for the influence directors of estates have with local authorities, government and wider stakeholders.

"The strongest network I created was with my immediate project team. We’ve been in close contact in the months following the Summer School. Now when I go to an AUDE event, for example their annual conference, I can walk into the room recognising faces and immediately strike up a conversation which in turn, expands my network even further. It’s really helped me feel more comfortable going into these situations.

“For delegates thinking of booking onto Summer School 2022 at the University of Glasgow, I would say expect a welcoming atmosphere. We were connected quickly within our project teams as well as the wider delegate group and therefore felt relaxed in each other’s company from the beginning. The whole programme was very well structured and expertly facilitated. There is lots of rich content and opportunity to engage with the programme, and if you do that, you will benefit. I was pleasantly surprised that lots of delegates were at similar stages in their career and so I didn’t feel out of place. Be prepared for a full on but equally rewarding time. I would definitely recommend it. 

“After Summer School, I realised I’d perhaps underestimated myself and my knowledge which helped with my confidence. Being part of the winning project team allowed me to attend the AUDE annual conference which I absolutely would have not put myself forward for had it not been for my time at Summer School. I would now put myself forward for similar opportunities. It pushed me out of my comfort zone but I’m thoroughly enjoying it.” 


Jack and his winning Group Project Team from Summer School 2019 originated the Work Shadowing Programme which AUDE has developed into two new CPD support programmes to help member career development. 

Find out more on our website, including how to register as a work shadow host, or as a coach.

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