Since 1991, AssetWorks has helped universities across North America improve the way that their estates, facilities, and services enhance the student, staff, and visitor experience while reducing their carbon footprint. In 2019, AssetWorks became a global leader in estate and facility management software by expanding internationally, first in the UK and then in Australasia. Today, hundreds of educational institutions across the globe, including The University of Leicester, benefit from AssetWorks software solutions. 

AssetWorks is wholly committed to helping our customers achieve facilities excellence and key institutional outcomes, including: 

  • An Outstanding Student Experience through world-class estates and quality services 
  • Financial Sustainability through controlling capital and operating expenditures 
  • Social Responsibility through eliminating waste and reducing the carbon footprint

A global leader in Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS), AssetWorks provides a single, unified platform for the estate and facilities management industry needs. With nearly thirty years of experience in the profession, we are dedicated to continued innovation and continuously listening to feedback and ideas for improving our current products. At AssetWorks, we’re more than just an IWMS solution; we’re a family dedicated to the successful management of our customers’ campuses. 



Collaboration at the heart

Collaboration is at the heart of the AssetWorks story. Customers directly influence our product roadmap through enhancements requests and specific use-cases submitted to our customer care and product teams. Collaboration is also embedded in the Special Interest Group (SIG) process that AssetWorks has successfully employed for decades. AssetWorks develops new software solutions using a well-defined, proven SIG process where customer teams join together with our product owners and software architects to build solutions which directly address their needs.  The SIG enables our customers to collaborate with their peers identifying best-practices and building relationships which serve them well beyond the SIG.


A little bit about some of our solutions

Facility Management

AssetWorks provides world-class estate management software solutions for public organisations with extensive and diverse facility portfolios. Estate Management software is a vital tool to efficiently maintain estates so that employees can focus on their jobs and the goals of the organisation.

Space Management

Space Management Software is a powerful tool for space managers illuminating how your organisation uses its physical spaces. A space management system helps managers visualise occupancy, make informed decisions, manage growth, and plan for future space needs.

Asset Inventory & Capital Budgeting

Our Asset Inventory and Capital Budgeting solution empowers your team to collect and deliver data that is accurate, complete, timely, and actionable, enabling your strategic planning team to move toward true data-driven decision-making.

Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software supports the lifecycle management of physical resources at your facilities, making it easier for everyone within your organisation to view available assets, assess their condition, and understand the inventory and buildings under your care.

And much more, including our campus engagement products, our core facility management software system, our mobile productivity apps, and professional services


COVID-19 Response

In the times we are living in, it is even more critical to come together in the higher education community. To do its part, AssetWorks has created a COVID-19 resource centre where we are assembling AssetWorks, APPA, AUDE, TEFMA and other resources for the higher education facilities community to access. There you will find a series of free webinars designed to help institutional leaders both deal with the present public health crisis and also look to the future. AssetWorks delivered the first in the series of free webinars to AUDE members on April 27th, The Capital Planning for a Post COVID-19 World Webinar, designed to help estates, facilities and finance leaders work in concert in making data-driven decisions that are accurate, timely, and actionable.

We will also be offering new COVID-19 response webinars on other related topics soon, such as using inspections for compliance and engaging with staff to manage more complex operations and maintenance efforts successfully. Look for AUDE announcements on those free webinars.


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