The executive group is the steering group for the AUDE organisation. They meet four times a year and host an annual conference around Easter time. The regional chairs host local networking meetings shortly after the executive meetings for all directors in their area. Read more about the remit of the AUDE chair and other exec roles. They are always keen to hear from members who have good ideas for speakers or sessions at regional meetings and at conferences. We encourage sharing of information, contacts and good practice so please get in touch.



Syd Cottle - Director of Estates Management (University of Liverpool)

Chair Elect

Ian Grimes - Director of Estates, Hospitality and Contract Services (University of Hertfordshire)

Past Chair

Umesh Desai - Director of Estates (Nottingham Trent University)




Jerry Woods, Director of Estates and Campus Services, Oxford Brookes University

Regional and Group Members

North East

Stephen Dale - Director of Estates and Facilities (University of Hull)

North West

Syd Cottle - Director of Estates Management (University of Liverpool)

East Midlands

Ian Grimes  - Director of Estates, Hospitality and Contract Services (University of Hertfordshire)

South West

Tom Marshall - Head of Estates and Campus Services (Arts University Bournemouth)








West Midlands








London and South East



Rose Jenkins - Director of Estates and Campus Services (University of Dundee)


Lars Wiegand - Director of Property & Campus Services (Bangor University)


Mike Clark - Director of Campus Infrastructure (Trinity College Dublin)


Conference Steering Group

Steve Jordan, Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities (University of Manchester)


Professional Development Group

Barry Morton - Interim Director of Campus Support Services (University of Stirling)


Special Interest Group (SIG) chairs

Sustainability Advisory Group

Andrew Nolan - Development & Sustainability Director (University of Nottingham)


Deputy Chair
Roddy Yarr - Director of Sustainability (University of Glasgow)


Capital Group

Anita Edson - Director of Estates (Cardiff University)

David Hall - Project Director (Campus Expansion - University of Glasgow)

Strategic Facilities Management Group


Lucy Black - Associate Director – Facilities & Student Accommodation (University of Plymouth)

Space Management Group

Helen Wallace - Assistant Director of Estates -Space, infrastructure & Digital (University of Exeter)

Scott Lloyd - Senior Assistant Registrar Space Management & Timetabling (University of Warwick)

Estates Management Group

Chris Garlick -  Director of Estates and Campus Services, Keele University

Small Higher Education Institutions

Phil Baker - Deputy Director of Estates (Institute of Cancer Research)

Estates Management Report Leads

Sean Woulfe - Honorary Associate (Kingston University)

Paul Morris - Director of Capital Development & Estate Operations (Lancaster University)

Mike Hamer - Head of Estates & Campus Management (Wrexham University)

Vivienne Maclean - Assistant Director of Estates, Planning & Strategy (University of Strathclyde)

Risk and Assurance Task and Finish Group

Curtis Alleyne - Head of Governance & Performance (King's College London)

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Group










Stephen Wells - Director of Estates & Facilities, University of East Anglia

BIM4Estates group

Co-Chair: Richard Draper - Head of BIM and Digital Assets, University of Birmingham 

Co-Chair: Brett Plant - Systems and Digital Manager, University of Warwick

Co-Chair: Paul Eyden - Planning and Records Manager, University of Warwick

Upcoming meetings

All executive meetings



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