AUDE Centres of Excellence now live

07 April 2020      Cheryl Pick, Strategic Projects Manager

Dear members,  

AUDE has now launched its Centres of Excellence programme on the AUDE website. It allows members to find experts and experienced professionals across key areas in capital development, get in touch and ask for their help.

Firstly, we need to populate the Centres of Excellence with experts. If you’re willing to help, could you please tell us which areas you have experience and expertise in?   

To do so:

  1. Log into My AUDE (top right of any web page) If you have any issues email
  2. Scroll down half-way to the ‘Share your Expertise’ section. Tick ALL the boxes where you have experience or expertise 
  3. Click save my details at the bottom of the page 

Centres of Excellence

How do members find me? 
Members can search the Capital Centres of Excellence web page. They tick the relevant topics, click search at the bottom and then your name and contact details will appear. 


Who will want to contact me? 
Your capital peers from across the HE sector looking for knowledge on a variety of subject areas.   


How much will I be contacted? 
Members who use this will already have a base line of capital understanding and use their own colleagues and suppliers as their first port of call. This facility will give members real world specific advice and true insights into practical application. It will echo the type of offline conversations you have within the AUDE network.  


What if I don’t have ‘the answer’? 
You will, by the very nature of answering a question, have helped another member move forward with their challenge.  


Why are we providing this facility?  
The AUDE network is very helpful but specific technical queries can sometimes get lost. A data base of named members who deal with specific strategic advice would be beneficial and offer assistance to the wider membership. 


I’m not an AUDE member, what do I do? 
Register at and follow the steps above. 


I have a colleague who is an expert, can they take part? 
Yes. Please send them this email. If they aren’t registered with AUDE already they can do so at





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