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Spaces, places and outcomes – AUDE launches update report

AUDE and HEDQF launch update report on its ongoing research into the impact of the built environment on student outcomes

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AUDE Annual Report 2021/22

Looking back on the year 2021-22 we are thinking of course about the second full year of Covid – a year in which sanitation and ventilation regimes have again been at the front of our minds.

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Post Graduate Researcher spatial experience

The AUDE Space Management Group publishes this discussion paper.

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AUDE Sodexo Social and Informal Learning Spaces Report

AUDE set the brief on managing social and informal learning spaces (S&ILS) in the context of what AUDE’s members need to consider.

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EMR Report 2021

AUDE’s annual Estates Management Report (EMR) is the best and most considered analysis that UK universities have to help them make the right long-term strategic decisions about their estates. Estates Directors use the report to benchmark estates activity, and for the facts and accurate data that support the biggest choices about future investment.

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Other publications:


Covid and ventilation AUDE Briefing Note September 2021

This AUDE Briefing Note does not attempt to act as “advice” on technical issues the detail of which is beyond our remit. But we are aiming to help AUDE directors of estates/members to think through the issues raised.

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Blended Working in the Higher Education Sector: A review of the post-pandemic university workplace

This report looks at the way the collective experience of working off-campus during the Covid-19 pandemic has changed attitudes, perceptions and habits in higher education across the world.

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Decarbonising Heat Networks in University Estates, 2021

This report presents the results of a survey of University estates staff, carried out by the Association for Decentralised Energy, in co-operation with AUDE and the Scottish Association of University Directors of Estates (SAUDE), and a workshop to further explore and validate the findings.

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Capital Cost Annual Report 2021

In the newly published AUDE Annual Capital Cost Database Report AUDE and partners AECOM have taken a look at the progress of the database during its first year in action.

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Higher Education Estates Management Report 2020

Our annual estates management report (EMR) work underpins the strategic decisions made in estates teams in universities across the country. It represents the hard facts and accurate data for big choices in estates management and future investment.

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Higher Education Estates Management Executive Summary 2020

Our annual estates management report (EMR) work underpins the strategic decisions made in estates teams in universities across the country. It represents the hard facts and accurate data for big choices in estates management and future investment.

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Sustainability Leadership Scorecard Annual Report 2020

The sector has a transformational ‘All in One’ tool, which captures data and performance from many sources and builds one definitive picture of an institution’s performance.

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Covid Report 2020

Nobody knows as much as everybody. COVID-19 and the future of the university estate - a report.

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Big Conversation Report 2020

In this report we will consider both our morning and afternoon plenaries, and the lessons we can take home from them. I am very grateful indeed to all who joined us on 7 February in Hull - our speakers and guests, our sponsors ENGIE and exhibitors.

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AUDE Annual Report 2020/21

"It would be an understatement to say these past 12 months have been turbulent and yet the support, camaraderie and friendship offered by AUDE and its network never wavered. I would dare to say the value for AUDE members has been realised this past year like no other."

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Data, data, everywhere

We're moving at different speeds in our understanding of where digital technologies are taking us - as individuals, as estates teams, as universities. Fears, concerns and misunderstandings are inevitable, but delegates at the event will be sure that the opportunities are huge too.

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AUDE: The First 25 Years book

A unique publication celebrating 25 years of AUDE which features contributions from 100 UK higher education institutions, ten guest essays from senior estates professionals and a foreword from the association's founding chairs.

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The Future of The University Campus

Analysing data from across the sector, AUDE has produced a report looking at how universities need to develop to meet the needs of Generation Z.

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Estates management segmentation analysis

Whilst the AUDE annual report looks at universities as a whole, there has been a view within the sector that individual institutions need to compare themselves against a more appropriate set of institutions which share a number of key characteristics.

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