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Rose Jenkins
Director of Estates and Campus Services
University of Dundee
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SFC Update to SAUDE Conference 270522

UKUPC Market Insight Summary Document

Procurement Progress Update

UKUPC Full Market Insight Document

SAUDE May 22 Agenda

AUDE Executive Summary of the Higher Education Management Report 2021

Strategic FM Group Update for SAUDE May 22

A3 - SAUDE minutes - November 21

SAUDE GandT SAUDE Presentation

Briefing Note to Scottish Universities Rating Group Nov 2021 SAUDE 19th Nov 21

SAUDE - Itinerary18th 19th November 2021 University of Abertay (002)

SAUDE AGENDA 19th Novermber 2021 FINAL

Paper A3 SAUDE minutes final 19032021 final.

Attendees SAUDE Autumn Conference 19th November 2021 final

Paper B2(a) Strategic FM Group Update for SAUDE November 2021

Paper C1 Universities Scotland Update SAUDE 19th Nov2021 final

Paper C4 - Procurement Progress Update SAUDE 19 NOv 21

Paper C4.1.1 Appendix - Estates Agreements SAUDE 19 Nov 21

Paper D2 Net Zero Pathway Update SAUDE 19th Nov 2021

Paper B2(b) Professional Development Group Saude 19th Nov 21 final

Paper item B2(b) AUDE Professional Development Group Minutes - 19th August 2021 SAUDE 19th Nov 21

SAUDE Spring Conference 19

Item C2 SFC SAUDE Spring Conference 19

Paper D2 Conflict of Avoidance SAUDE Spring Conference -19 March 21 pdf

Paper D2 Conflict Avoidance Leaflet - SAUDE March 2021


SAUDE 11 Sept 2020 notes

Paper B4 - Procurement Progress Update SAUDE 9 Mar 21

Paper B3 Briefing Note to Scottish Universities Rating Group SAUDE 19 Mar 2021

Paper B2 Learning and Development

SAUDE minutes 21 February 2020- FINAL

SAUDE meeting notes 10 June 2020

SAUDE 11 Sept 20 AGENDA final

Paper item B3 Briefing Note to Scottish Universities Rating Group Sep 2020.

Paper D2 Update on the pathway to Net Zero and response to Climate Change in the Built Environment within the Scottish HE sector

Paper B4.1 - Procurement Progress Update.

Paper B4 Appendix 4.1.2 Estates In Progress

Paper B4 Appendix 4.1.1 - Estates Agreements in Place

D2 Presentation Strategic Goals for SAUDE

Collaboration Catalyst Pres SAUDE

SAUDE conference minutes Feb 2019

SAUDE Programme Sept 2019

SAUDE Agenda Sept 2019

Paper B4.1 - Procurement Progress Update with APUC

Paper B4 - Briefing Note to Scottish Universities Rating Group Sep 2019

Paper B3 SAUDE Autumn Conference Sept 2019 sustainability

Paper C1 - Universities Scotland update September 2019 SAUDE

B4 - 20190807_AW_NDR_Consultation_Aug2019_

B2- AUDE LD Group Report Sept 2019

Paper B5 - Efficiency and Best Practice

Paper C1 - Universities Scotland update September 2019 SAUDE

Paper C3 - EAUC-S Paper for SAUDE September 2019

Appendix 4.1.3 Brexit Impact Tool September 19

Appendix 4.1.2 Estates In Progress.

Appendix 4.1.1 - Estates Agreements in Place

Fire Safety and Asset Protection SAUDE Spring Conference 14 -15 February 2019

The Implications of the Cole Reports presentation slides

B2.1 Learning and Development paper Sept 18

B6 Succession Planning

Revised 2018 saude-terms-of-reference-and-objectives

Appendix 4.2.3 Estates In progress

Appendix 4.2.2 - Estates Agreements in Place

Paper B4.2.1 - Procurement Progress Update with APUC

B5 USET - Estates Work Stream tracker

B4.1.3 Barclay Consultation Document

B4.1.2 Barclay Implementation - A consultation on non-domestic rates reform - Saude Response

B4.1.1 Briefing Note to Scottish Universities Rating Group Sep 2018

SAUDE Spring Conference 2018 Minutes

SAUDE Autumn Conference Programme 2018

SAUDE Autumn Conference Agenda 2018

SAUDE Papers Autumn Conference 2017

SAUDE Appendix 4.1.2. In Progress and scheduled

SAUDE Paper B4.1.1 Agreements in place

SAUDE Briefing Note

SAUDE Spring Conference 2017 Papers

JM Consult 2006

Auditor General

Maintenance Expenditure Assessment

SAUDE Autumn 2016 Conferece - Action Status Report

SAUDE Autumn 2016 Conference - Minutes

SAUDE Autumn 2016 Conference Papers

SAUDE Autumn 2016 Conference AGENDA

SAUDE Autumn 2016 Conference PROGRAMME

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015 - programme

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015 - papers-2-of-2

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015 - papers-1-of-2

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015 - minutes

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015 - eauc-presentation

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015 - agenda

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015 - action-status-report

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014 sft-presentation

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014 sfc-presentation

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014 papers-3

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014 papers-2

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014 papers-1

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014 minutes

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014 eauc-presentation

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - sfc-presentation

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - programme

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - papers-2-of-2

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - papers-1-of-2

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - papers

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - minutes

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - eauc-presentation

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 - agenda

SAUDE Spring Conference 2016 - sfc-presentation

SAUDE Spring Conference 2016 - programme

SAUDE Spring Conference 2016 - papers-for-noting

SAUDE Spring Conference 2016 - papers-2

SAUDE Spring Conference 2016 - papers-1

SAUDE Spring Conference 2016 - papers

SAUDE Terms of Reference and Objectives 2014

SAUDE Regional Arrangements

SAUDE Autumn 2021

SAUDE Spring 2021

SAUDE Autumn 2020

SAUDE Autumn 2019

SAUDE Spring Conference 2019

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2018

SAUDE Spring Conference 2018

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2017 

SAUDE Spring Conference 2017  

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2016  

SAUDE Spring Conference 2016 

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2015  

SAUDE Spring Conference 2015 

SAUDE Autumn Conference 2014  

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Case Studies 

Sustainable Capital Maintenance Funding   



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