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New for 2021 are the team tickets for our conference. AUDE annual conferences have typically always been ‘DOE-only’ events. There are many reasons for this, however one of them is the excessive cost to an institution for the travel, accommodation, and attendance of multiple delegates to a multi-day F2F event. With a digital conference, these additional costs are no longer applicable and, without requiring additional physical space, it is much easier to scale-up a digital event to accommodate more attendees.

The new team tickets, with be available as per the pricing structure below.

Team tickets will cost £499 +VAT and will enable anyone from your team to attend the conference once the Director of Estate or equivalent has signed up to attend the conference. Once the Director of Estate/or equivalent has booked onto the conference we will issue a discount code* to the Director of Estate/or equivalent for the rest of the team to book onto the conference. These codes are unique to every institution and these can be shared with your colleagues and other professional services staff at your institution, allowing you to self-register and book. If you think you should have received a discount code, and you have not already, then please contact Corinne.

Table to show the pricing and ticket structure for the 2021 conference:



2021 conference ticket

I did not request a refund on my 2020 ticket

No extra charge for 2021

Ticket converted to the team ticket for free

I and other colleague (s) did not request a refund on my 2020 ticket:

Refund on the extra tickets

Charge for one ticket only – rest of the delegates come under the team ticket for free

I had a refund on my 2020 ticket and would like to attend 2021 conference with my team:

£499 + VAT

Once DOE or equivalent has booked – team can book on for free

I did not book onto the 2020 conference and would like attend 2021 conference with my team:

£499 + VAT

Once DOE or equivalent has booked – team can book on for free

 All costs above are shown exclusive of any VAT, this will be added at 20%.


As mentioned above if other colleagues from the same institution rolled over their tickets from 2020 we will issue a refund for those extra tickets as they now become part of the institutional team ticket for free. If colleagues had booked anything extra on top of their full conference package e.g Gala dinner tickets, networking dinner ticket or extra accommodation then a refund will be provided on this extra items.  The cost to attend the conference is based on the 2020 Full Conference Package ticket. 

Non-member and Corporate Bookings

A small number of corporate places will be available for corporate companies to purchase these tickets will be charged at £800 + VAT per place. These tickets are not offered with speaking opportunities but would have access to all the content, networking opportunities with delegates and access to the content on demand post-event.



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